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A-Frame Signs

product information

Buy direct from Warrnambool’s leading supplier of A-frame signs and save!

A simple, basic A-frame sign, or ‘A-board’ as some prefer to call them, can be used internally or externally and can be seen everywhere across Warrnambool. Why is that you ask? Because smart business owners know the tremendous advertising value that these neat little signs generate.

We offer a wide variety of A-frame signs with the most common being the metal unit with the Colorbond (sheetmetal) faces. This a neat, professional-looking piece and the most popular size of 900 x 600mm weighs just on 10kg making it easy to carry in and out of your shop each day if need be. Larger sizes are also available and we can mount wheels on the larger units to allow for easy maneuverability also.

Another option that we offer is the Corflute insert type A-frame sign, which has the welded steel frame however the sign panels are made from lightweight Corflute (fluted plastic). These types of A-boards allow you to easily remove and replace the actual sign for different promotions.

If you prefer a more custom and traditional look we also have the Weathertex A-boards with the rounded corners. These were also referred to as ‘sandwich boards’ in the past. Weathertex is a waterproof, exterior grade timber made exclusively for use in the sign industry, and some customers prefer the ‘character’ of this style of sign as it may be better suited to their style of business.

We can also manufacture any of these signs with either a chalk board or white board section that allows for quick and easy messages to be hand-written by the customer for short-term sales or promotions.

Take advantage of that passing trade and use an A-frame sign when you want to attract the attention of passing pedestrians or traffic. After consultation with us, we will be happy to advise you on which particular A-frame sign will best suit your requirements and budget.

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