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Fluorescent Window Lettering

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Now this is real window advertising with impact! Large lettering and bold fluorescent colours make for an eye-catching message across any expanse of glass, and the great thing about this type of window signage is that due to the bright, vibrant colours the graphics are highly-visible and attract customer attention even from a great distance.

Whether it is a new product line or a one-day sale, fluorescent window lettering is a great way to generate local customer awareness. The lettering can be applied in the traditional method of signwriting directly onto the glass, or we can utilize the latest self-adhesive vinyl technology.

The new generation vinyl signage has proven advantageous as it can be quickly and easily removed with no mess and very little effort, making it a favourite amongst business owners that need to remove the signage after the event or promotion.

This simple form of advertising is a fantastic way to communicate a specific promotion to your customer, and without any doubt the fluorescent window signage offers great value for your advertising dollars and it’s out there on the window selling your product 24 hours a day.

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