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One Way Vision

product information

This awesome product is a perforated self-adhesive vinyl film that is used to great effect on glass window signage across Warrnambool. When viewed from the outside it looks ‘normal’ however the great thing about this PVC vinyl with hundreds of tiny holes is that it is virtually invisible from the inside looking out, hence the name ‘one-way vision’!

Often referred to as ‘see through’, this material is a fantastic choice for when you wish to use your window space to create a bold advertisement or promotion but you do not want to block out the view or light coming in through the glass.

We also regularly use this type of vinyl film on the windows of cars as the ‘see-through’ properties make it perfectly suited to a rear window graphic on a vehicle.

Call us today and talk to a signage expert at Reed Signs about how we can use one-way vision film for your next window signage project.

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