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About Banners

Banners can provide quick, cost-effective advertising. They can be very plain and simple, or more sophisticated, incorporating corporate graphics, colouring or specialised signwriting effects.

All our banners are custom made to the customer’s specifications regarding size, colors and strength. Low-cost, lightweight materials are available for temporary, short-term applications, whilst, premium-quality, stronger materials designed to stand up to long-term outdoor use are available for those projects that demand the very best.

There are many uses for banners, including the following:

  • Special Events
  • Trade Shows and Exhibits
  • Sales and Special Promotions
  • New Products and Services

Banner material – what is it?

Most banners are made from a 460 or 520 gsm, (grams per square metre) vinyl and nylon woven material and have a PVC coated front that accepts a special type of paint and self-adhesive vinyl. You should consider using a heavier weight material when the banner is to be suspended between poles or buildings.

Warning!Beware of other sign shops offering you a ‘cheaper’ banner where the vinyl graphics are cut from cheap, regular self-adhesive vinyl. Normal vinyl used for regular sign projects will NOT successfully adhere to flexible banner materials and in turn the graphics will start to fall off in a matter of days.

Matthew Reed Signs will only letter banners in quality self-adhesive vinyl film that is specifically made for this application. Likewise, all signwriting on banner materials must be completed in special flexible acrylic paint, such as VipondsTautflex or Acrylic Super Lustre.

Ropes and eylets are supplied with all our banners, and it is no problem to add extra eyelets if needed.

Another material that is often used for internal banners such as conferencing, etc is a lightweight silk. Silk banners are really only suitable for internal applications as the material is very light.


With common-sense in mind, there is really no limit to the size that a banner can be made. We carry in stock a few select sizes for quick, one-off jobs, however almost all of our banners are custom-made for the individual project.


Our banners are available in a great variety of brilliant colours which means your finished sign will really help get your message across. Other than the standard colours, banners can be painted to match a colour if need be. Digitally printed banners have virtually no colour limitations as the banners are printed on a silk or PVC vinyl material.

Standard PVC vinyl colours include black, white, red, lemon yellow, pink, purple, yellow, orange, light green, green, dark green, olive, teal, light blue, royal blue, dark blue, maroon, ivory, beige and grey.