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About Weathertex

Weathertex is made by CSR. It is a signboard made from wood and is easy to cut, machine, router and shape with normal woodworking tools or machinery. It can be simply nailed or screwed to timber frames or screwed to metal.

Typical Weathertex signage applications include:

  • Advertising boards
  • Notice boards & displays
  • Factory signage
  • Industrial signage
  • Sporting & entertainment complexes

Weathertex – what is it?

Weathertex Signboard is an exterior grade wood fibre building board with a factory applied primer coating on all surfaces. It is dense, tough, and resistant to impact. It is quite heavy given its thickness of 9.5mm.

It has a smooth face and the primer coating provides an excellent base for painting and decorative signs. For long-term, durable signs, Weathertex should be coated with a solvent-based enamel paint coating.


The standard sheet sizes that this substrate comes in are 1220 x 1830mm, 1220 x 2440mm and 1220 x 3660mm. Smaller sized signs are cut as required. In the event of a larger sign where two or more pieces are joined together, a PVC joint trimmer is used to provide a clean, neat joint from edge to edge.


Weathertex is only supplied with a primer coating, therefore we must paint this product before we can apply graphics to it. We have found that gloss enamel paint gives the best results.