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Magnetic Rubber

About magnetics

Customers who do not want letters permanently affixed to their vehicle or other iron/steel surfaces may consider using magnetic signs.

Typical applications include the following signage:

  • Delivery vehicles
  • Courtesy vans
  • Service trucks
  • Custom logos and graphics
  • Menu boards

Magnetics – what are they?

These types of signs are made from a magnetic-backed rubber material. Vinyl lettering and graphics can successfully be applied to this surface to provide removable signage for vehicles and other iron/steel surfaces.

When properly cared for, magnetic material is durable and has an outdoor life of approximately one year.

Magnetic signs are not really suitable to go over body mouldings or extreme curves on cars. If the material does not sit flat against a consistent surface the magnetic adhesion is greatly reduced.

Provided the surface you are sticking the sign to is clean and free of grit and dirt then there will be no problems with adhesion or the sign damaging the paintwork on your vehicle.


Magnetic rubber is supplied on a roll that is 615mm wide. A roll is 30.5 metres long. Three thicknesses are available, 0.4mm is used for die-cutting and giveaway type promotional material, and 0.6mm for general promotional work and 0.8mm for signage applications.


Magnetic material comes with a standard white vinyl coating on the face. If needed we can coat the vinyl with any of the extensive range of colours that are available in self-adhesive vinyl.