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Understanding sign materials

It may be helpful for some to understand the materials that are used to create signs and different types of signage, as many of our customers are surprised at the extensive range of materials that can be used to create different effects for various sign projects.

Vinyl films

With such a large range of vinyl films available, it is important to select the best, most durable film for a particular application. Customers need to be aware of cheaper films and the impact they have on the long-term life of their sign. There are also many specialty products that customers may not be aware of.


An extremely versatile, highly durable plastic sheet that comes in a variety of colors. Acrylic is primarily used for long-term interior and exterior signage. Some common uses are internally illuminated signage, architectural signage, wall directories, permanent retail signage, menu boards and trade show signage. Acrylic is an excellent product if you desire a high quality gloss finish.


Colorbond is designed primarily for short and long term outdoor applications. It will not rust due to its durable, baked-enamel finish. It is a popular choice for many signage projects that require a relatively lightweight, yet sturdy substrate, such as shop fascias, factory and industrial signage.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Composite Panel is a great material that we use for everyday signmaking due to the unique properties. It is available in a wide range of colours and is extremely flat and rigid, making it ideal for just about every requirement. It is also available in large sheet sizes that often allow us to make a sign out of one piece of material with no joins.


Banners have long been a favourite for anyone selling a product or promoting an event. They can be produced for both wall-mounting and hanging, and come equipped with eyelets and ropes to ensure quick and easy installation. Many colors are available to meet your needs for special events, promotions and grand openings.


Offering a variety of colors to complement your sign, this lightweight versatile product can be used for both short-term indoor and outdoor signage. It is a cost effective choice for special events signage, indoor point-of-sale, trade shows, service companies and temporary real estate signage. Corflute can be cut to create collapsible signs.


Magnetic signage is flexible, easily removable and perfect for signs on multi-use vehicles. This product is for use when you do not want letters permanently affixed to your vehicle. Magnetic signage is weather resistant and, with proper care, suitable for long-term exterior use. It allows your vehicle to be used as an advertising tool for your business and/or service.


Weathertex is an Australian made product that is specifically suited to the signage industry. This waterproof wood will give you many years of outdoor service, backed up by CSR’s 25 year guarantee. This material has a rigid, flat surface and can be painted to match custom colors for various signage projects.


The most common product we use!! Sure, digital computer technology is advancing all the time, but we still rely on paint for many of our signage projects.