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This form of advertising really delivers the message to potential customers. Maximise your corporate identity and increase sales by exploring this cost-effective, powerful and potent form of branding.

Car Wraps

Each and every day our car wraps are seen by hundreds of people as they travel all over the Warrnambool region in South West Victoria – why not make an impression on these people by utilizing your vehicle as an effective advertising and promotional tool with a car advertising wrap from Warrnambool’s leading vehicle signage specialists??

All of our vehicle wraps are custom-designed in house by our skilled graphic designers and installed by experienced professionals, resulting in a long-lasting, cost-effective method of promotion for your business. Recent studies have shown that commercial car wraps can be seen by more than 10,000 people a day across Warrnambool. That’s a great return on your investment!

Our team of designers can help bring your car advertising wrap idea to life. From bold and eye-catching to subtle and understated, we can create a custom piece of advertising on your car that will help promote your business, product, or brand wherever you go.

Van Wraps

Here in Warrnambool, commercial van wraps are often used by smart business owners as a great method of cost-effective advertising, after all your work van is out on the streets every day, making service calls, delivering products and visiting customers all over town. Why not fulfil the great advertising potential of your vehicle with a commercial van wrap from Warrnambool’s leading vehicle signage specialists and transform your van into a mobile billboard that promotes your business to new customers everywhere it goes?

Our talented graphic designers are experienced in the vehicle wrap design process and can offer advice on how best to utilize your van as a mobile billboard to advertise your business. And to ensure you get a quality finished product that lasts for years, our wrap installers have been trained and tested overseas through the rigorous Avery Dennison Certified program in the United States, learning and demonstrating the skills needed to ensure high quality vehicle wraps.

Best results are achieved by making a bold statement with a full van wrap, however budget restraints may mean you opt for the simplicity of a partial wrap. Either way, the team at Reed Signs is here to help. Call us today and talk to a professional about how we can help you increase your business with this great form of advertising.

Vehicle Fleet Signage

Companies that operate a fleet of vehicles stand to gain maximum benefit from vehicle signage, as the many hours that these vehicles spend on the road mean they are seen by thousands of potential customers. Your company vehicles offers great advertising potential and smart business operators will recognize this, branding their fleet and maximizing the advertising potential for their business.

Consistency across the brand is a key factor in fleet signage, and whilst all of our vehicle graphics are printed here in Warnambool, our fleet signage program includes a network of installers Nationwide so that we can cater to large scale re-branding of your fleet.

Reed Signs use only the best quality materials and certified installers to ensure you get full value out of your marketing dollars.Call us today and talk to an expert on how we can help you outfit your entire fleet of vehicles for less money than you might think.

Magnetic Signs

A magnetic sign is a great product for someone that does not want lettering or signage permanently fixed to their car, but has a need for vehicle signage from time to time. They are inexpensive and a perfect solution for when you need to use your personal car for occasional business purposes.

‘Car magnets’, as they are sometimes referred to, are ideally suited to a reasonably flat surface and are a simple form of effective vehicle signage that allows anyone to brand their vehicle when required and remove the signage as it is not needed.

Our magnetic signs are custom made here in Warrnambool to whatever size you require and provided the surface you are sticking to is clean and free of dirt then there will be no problems with adhesion or damage to the paintwork of your vehicle.

With delivery available not just within the South West of Victoria but also nationwide, be sure to call us today and talk to a vehicle signage expert for more information on how magnetic signs can be of use to you!

One Way Vision

One-way vision film is a perforated self-adhesive vinyl that is used on glass windows to display advertising images and graphics. The material has thousands of tiny holes and when viewed from the outside, the graphics look perfectly ‘normal’ however the great thing about this product is that it is virtually invisible when viewed from the inside looking out, hence the name ‘one-way vision’!

Sometimes referred to as ‘see through signs’, we often use this product to great effect on the rear windows of cars, as it allows you the benefit of advertising your business across the prime rear window space of your vehicle whilst not blocking your view when looking out of the glass.

The one-way vision material on a car’s rear window is definitely proving popular across Warrnambool, with many motorists feeling a lot more comfortable with this type of advertising as this method offers no obstructions to their view, which is obviously much safer.

We can create great effects by combining this product with a full car wrap package or we can simply use it as a stand-alone form of vehicle signage.

Be sure to call us today and speak to a vehicle signage expert about how these types of ‘see-through signs’ can benefit your business.