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Learning Centre

Why Use Signage

"Why should I have a sign?" is a question often asked by business owners. The answer will vary depending on your business type and format. In a highly impulse oriented business, good signage can be...

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Types of Signage

Signs are expanding communication mediums that respond to our mobile lifestyles. Regardless of the type of sign used, your signage must be appealing to your customers and the message must be readabl...

The Evolution of Interior Signage

Never in our history has there been such growth in the field of communications. Our cities and public areas have become ever more complex, and many of our new facilities are overwhelming in size and...

Understanding the Value of Signage

There is an old axiom that the 3 keys to successfully selecting real estate are "location, location and location". The 3 keys that guide the successful selection and development of commercial properti...

18 Tips for Effective Sign Design

Remember that people of all ages are looking through a windshield, in traffic, day and night. They must be able to see and read your sign easily. Don't attempt to sell them with information on th...

Evaluating Your Signage Needs

Before you put up a sign, it is extremely important to evaluate your business and its location in terms of its signage needs. Carefully review and consider these criteria designing your sign: T...

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons, the most primary of these being: Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business. A sign is your introduction and handshak...

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